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По умолчанию review: Barbolight T900 and T220

This is a review of the two Barbolights.
I hope, everyone will understand my English :)

1. unpacking
Barbolight owners know the padded bag, in which the flashlights are sent out.
Not this time. In my package there was a bigger bag, like a toilet bag. Several compartements, padded again. Inside this nice bag I could find a business card from Javier, two user manuals, a reflex beacon in green and ... a new T-220 and a new T-900!

I noticed some positive changes at Barbolight. The user manuals, printed on thick paper, with all the data and a runtime chart, the new bag,... Together with the brand new website from Barbolight, it is very noticeable, that Barbolight is now addressing the "normal" customers, too, not only us flashaholics, cavediver or military or police units.

2. outside, design, built quality
If you look at these flashlights, everybody will notice, that this is a Barbolight. It is plain and simple and functional. "form follows function" is one of the rules, according to which Barbolights are designed.
The older T-220 and T-900 are test units, so there is no knurling on the tailcap.
The knurling on the body is now not as rough as on its predecessor, it was cut very precise without flaws. It gives you a safe grip, even with wet and slippery hands.
The laser labelling is made fine, just the brightness of the letters differs on some spots.
What hasn't changed is the switch, made of delrin, and the sandblasted titan clip (which was cut with a water jet machine).
On the head you can find lots of cooling fins, which help transferring the heat from the led to the surrounding air.
The business end of the flashlight is sealed with a 5mm Makrolon window, scratch resistant and unbreakable.
The finish on these lights from the tactical series is HAIII. Barbolight's finish is very sturdy, my old T-04 had to suffer from hurtful treatment, but the finish is still fine. especially the T900 has a beautiful finish, a deep and dark black, a bit like velvet, with a soft gloss.
The flashlights have a deep thread, cut precisely, but no trapezoid ones.

head 62,2mm, body 24mm, tailcap 28,7mm diameter
length 208mm
weight without batteries 300 gr
CNC-machined body from Al-Si-Mg alloy
watterproof to more than 200m, impact resistant Mil Std 810-F droptest

head 35,8mm, body 24mm, tailcap 28,7mm diameter
lenght 132mm
weight without batteries 116 gr

3. inside, tech. data
Lets have a look at the technical data and the inside of the Barbos.

SSC P7 LED, selected bin 6500K >= 900 Lumen
Aluminium reflektor Ergo-vision, 5° spot, 90° corona
4xCR123 oder 2x18650
at least 95 min runtime at maximum, total of more than 120 min, low batt warning

The first T-15 had 4x KLC8 led and was powered by 3xCR123 or 2x18500, this new one has a new led with reflector and an updated driver.

Cree XR-E LED, 6000-7000K, >=230 Lumen
Alu Reflektor, 3,5° spot, 55° corona
2xCR123 oder 1x18650
150 min runtime at maximum, then it will dim slowly

The new T-220 has a Cree led (the predecessor used a SSC P4) and an updated driver. The result is a more focussed and brighter beam.

The T-900 and T-220 have very compact battery tubes. Unprotected 18650 or protected ones with short length will fit perfectly into the tubes. I tested unprotected 18650 from Barbolight and Ultrafire and protected AW's. With the 2400mAh Trustfire there is a little issue. Because these are slightly longer (unprotected 63mm, AW 65mm, Trustfire 67mm) the springs in the flashlights are more compressed and you need more power to press the button and get light.

My recommendation for these Barbolights are short 18650 with about 65mm length.

4. user interface
Both flashlights, T900 and T220, have the same UI as all the other Barbolights. Press for momentary-on, twist for constant-on, always at 100% (the same as Surefire 6P). Very simpel and KISS. this switch has nothing in it, which can fail. It makes no sense to design a flashlight, that survives a 100m drop, but with a switch that fails after falling from a table. Barbolight is a very sturdy flashlight, all elements will survive even the baddest conditions.
You can vary the force needed to press the button by twisting the tailcap more or less. Twisting is very smooth, because of the lubed threads and the double o-rings. It is possible to use it one-handed.
There is only one light level: 100%. There will be a 2-stage tailcap with the new T-09 MKII, which should come soon, but not this time. No level for extra long runtime, no level to save night vision of the eyes. No strobe, no SOS or similar modes. A Barbolight isn't the ideal flashlight for every task, you should remember this before you buy it.

5. light
The difference between old T-04 and new T220 ist very noticeable. Because of the new reflector and led, the beam is brighter and more focussed. With the ceiling bounce test I would say, that the T220 is as bright as a Malkoff M60, in the 200+ OTF ballpark figure.

The T-900's beam is very useful. It has plenty of throw, but no tunnel view like the aspherics have. You get a big and bright hotspot with a large corona. In real life you won't notice a dark cross or a donut hole in the beam.

The garage is about 25m.

LX2 low

LX2 high

Malkoff M60 (17670 perhaps not at 100%)

old T-04

new T-220

old T-15

new T-900

House is about 60m.

LX2 low

LX2 high


old T-04

new T-220

old T-15

new T-900

6. My conclusion:
A Barbolight is a tool, she offers no bells and whistles, no gimmicks, she is not tacticool, hasn't hundreds of modes and she is expensive.
What do you get then? You get a flashlight that does exactly what it should do: illuminate things. A Barbolight makes light, without ifs or buts. It doesn't matter if you are on a mountain, deep under water, if you take someone into custody or change a tire on your car - Barbo will turn darkness into light. Reliable, sturdy, easy to use. A Barbolight is all but a shelf queen, a flashlight that wants to be used hard and often.
You will get a fully developed product with ATEX, IP68 and Mil Std certifications- All this will cost some money.

A collector, who loves high tech or playing with electronic gimmiks, probably isn't the ideal Barbolight-buyer.
If someone uses a flashlight, because he MUST do it, not because he wants to, someone who NEEDS light and must count on it, then he should take a look at Barbolights!

Someone will say, that you can get more flashlight for less money - but fortunately this is a personal matter of opinion ;)

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По умолчанию Re: review: Barbolight T900 and T220

nice review, thank you.
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По умолчанию Re: review: Barbolight T900 and T220

Качественно сделан фонарь,сразу видно - не китай.
Пролетарии всех стран - объединяйтесь,нефиг конкурировать :)
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