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По умолчанию Surefire AZ2 review - with photos and beamshots

This is a review of one of Surefire's new lights in the Z2 range; the AZ2 (AZ2-BK-WH).

You can click any image in this review to get a larger view.

This is the first time I've ever attempted to review a torch. I don't mean to make a habit of it and I have only done it this time as I feel CPF is lacking on information on the AZ2 and think that perhaps others considering purchasing this light might appreciate some firsthand reflections on it.

The stated specs of the light are as follow:
Max Output: 150 lumens
Low Output / Runtime: 35 lumens / 10 hours
Tactical Runtime: 2.0 hours*
Length: 5.70 inches (14.48cm)
Bezel Diameter: 1.25 inches (3.18cm)
Weight w/Batteries: 5.1 ounces (144.59 grammes)
Batteries: 2x CR123A

*Total runtime at highest setting until output drops below 50 lumens

The AZ2 was slimmer than I thought it would be from looking at the images on the Surefire site. It fits nicely in my hand in many different grips. Like the earlier Z2 series lights, this one has the same overall silhouette with a slim body portion with flat sides at the middle, a wider bezel at the front and the typical rubber "CombatGrip" ending with the tailcap. Unlike previous lights in the Z2 range however, the AZ2, like the new Z2-S do not use a P60 style modular drop-in, instead they use a sealed bezel unit with integral light engine the same way the E-series does. The reflector used in this light is textured similar to the typical "orange peel" style and quite shallow compared to P60 drop ins and other lights of similar size such as the Fenix TK11. This may be why the light has such a dramatically wide diameter of spill.

The light is supplied from Surefire with batteries, and a lanyard which fixes to a ring near the tailcap of the light, which is removable.

The AZ2 uses the traditional Surefire twisty UI: Push halfway for low momentary on, which activates a ring of four 5MM white LEDs giving a reported 35 lumen low flood of light. Push further to activate the main Luxeon TFFC LED which is apparently 150 lumens. The Luxeon main LED to my eye gives a slightly warmer colour output compared to some of the more recent cool white Cree LEDs. I don't however have any specifically "neutral white" or "warm white" LEDs to compare it to so this is hard to qualify. I think it's possible that Surefire have chosen this LED for it's colour temperature when driven at this level.

Like other Surefire lights that utilise this low/high UI with multiple different LED arrays, the AZ2's low LEDS remain on while the light is in high mode. Constant-on can be activated by twisting the tailcap, again low is activated constantly first, followed by high if the tailcap is further screwed down.

I was surprised that this twisty UI required so many turns to go from off, through constant low to constant high. I found it uncomfortable trying to activate the constant-on high mode with one hand, although this is my first experience with a Surefire light with the "twisty" UI so this may be normal. The step up from low to high output in the momentary push tailcap does however feel nice and positive.

In terms of heatsinking, I have used the AZ2 while hunting around in my loft (attic if you're in the States) and noticed that the bezel does heat up quite quickly when on high mode. It feels like the light has decent thermal transfer from the emitter to the bezel.

Here are a couple of wall hunting shots to show the beam profiles and tint compared to other lights.

Here's the flood pattern given off by the 4 flood LEDs:

Here are the lights used for comparison for the rest of the review:
Left to right there is, the Surefire AZ2, Surefire E2L, 4Sevens Quark 123_2 Turbo, A Dereelight P60 XP-G R5 drop in in a Solarforce L2 Host, Fenix TK11 R2. A CR123 and an AW protected 18650 are also in shot for size comparison

A series of lights to show the beam profile. As you can see the AZ2 seems to have a warmer tint and a much larger spill diameter than the others.
Left to right are; Quark Turbo XP-G R5, Fenix TK11 R2, Dereelight XP-G R5 P60 drop in, Surefire AZ2. The tints as shown in the images are accurate to my eye. All lights are on their highest output setting.

Stepped back a little on exposure you can see the spill isn't quite as bright as some of the other lights but then again these lights are all rated much higher in output than the AZ2, between 206 and 300 lumens.

You can also see a small doughnut hole in the middle of the AZ2 beam. This is only visible if the light is at very short range from a wall it's shining on.

Now for some indoor Beamshots:

Indoor Control:

AZ2 on low/flood indoors:

The flood is a little brighter than this in person, however I kept the exposure setting to show off the main beams better

AZ2 main beam indoors:

Quark Turbo XP-G R5 main beam indoors:

Dereelight P60 XP-G R5 indoors:

Fenix TK11 indoors:

Outdoor shots:

AZ2 main beam outdoors:

Surefire E2L high beam outdoors:

Quark Turbo XP-G R5 outdoors:

Dereelight P60 XP-G R5 outdoors:

Fenix TK11 R2 outdoors:

Finally a few more shots of the light:

Hopefully this satisfies some curiosity people may have about this light. If you have any other questions or photo requests do ask and I'll do what I can to accommodate.
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По умолчанию Re: Surefire AZ2 review - with photos and beamshots

So I was looking at the back of the head of the AZ2 and I had an interesting discovery...I thought it looked like a familiar contact....now where had I seen that head before......

It's only E-series compatible!!!!
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По умолчанию Re: Surefire AZ2 review - with photos and beamshots

Хорошая работа, полноценный обзор, спасибо!
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