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По умолчанию 4Sevens Preon ReVO Review with OTF Lumens, 140 Minute Runtime and Beamshots

This is a new light from 4Sevens, and it's a welcome addition to the the Preon family. This light was designed as a compact light for keychain carry. I've taken some pictures of this light, and I've taken OTF (out the front) lumens of this light in my 16" homemade integrating sphere. One thing I'll mention before I post my OTF readings is that this light has what 4Sevens is calling a "smart" high mode, which reduces output in high mode to increase runtime.

According to my readings, it's a drop of 14.5 OTF lumens, and it occurs at 3 minutes, 5 seconds into the run in High mode on this particular model. As far as user interface goes, if you're familiar with the regular Preon models, then you're already familiar with the ReVO because it's the same process. You tighten the head to turn the light on. The light turns on in Low mode. To change modes you simply turn the light off, then back on within 2 seconds, and the light will enter the next mode. Medium is after Low, and High is after Medium. Example: Low, Medium then High. If you want to access the special modes (Strobe, S.O.S. and Beacon), all you have to do is cycle through all three output modes twice. There is no mode memory, so every time the light is turned off for more than 2 seconds it will revert back to Low mode.

*NOTE*All dimensions were taken by me. I used my calipers for length and diameter, and my Pelouze PE5 scales for weight measurements.

Length with battery: 2.843" or 72.21mm (*NOTE* this measurement was taken with the head loosened to mimic every day carry)

Length without battery: 2.822" or 71.69mm

Diameter: .502" or 12.76mm

Weight with Energizer Ultimate Lithium: .6 oz. or 18g

Weight with Duracell Coppertop Alkaline: .7 oz. or 22g

OTF Readings taken in my homemade IS:
Here are OTF lumen readings of this light. I have a homemade 16" integrating sphere like MrGman had, and like Bigchelis still has (only he's using a 24" sphere now). MrGman was kind enough to share his time and knowledge helping me get my sphere set up and accurate, so I'd like to thank him for that.

Probably the first thing some of you will notice is how my spreadsheets look like the spreadsheets that Bigchelis uses in his thread, well that's because they are the same except for a color change. I used to make all of BigC's spreadsheets, but he has since decided to try something more organized. Since I already had the blank spreadsheets, I decided to do a color change and go with it. I don't plan to test lots of lights like BigC does, so this should work out fine for me you and I both.

These numbers are as close as you can get with a homemade system like this, but keep in mind that these numbers are what you can expect to see. What I mean is, different variables can cause one light to be brighter than another one, so keep in mind that it's possible for you to purchase one that's not as bright as this one, or one that's brighter than this one. Anyway, enough talking. Here are the numbers:

High Mode:

Medium Mode:

Low Mode:

I don't usually do runtime tests, but since I've received some requests, I decided to do some runtime testing on this light. The test was done in High mode, using a fresh Duracell AAA Alkaline battery, and a fresh Energizer Ultimate Lithium primary battery. This light certainly doesn't just cut off and leave you without any light at all, and it has excellent regulation, but the Lithium battery really shines in this light. Here are my results:

Now for some eye candy :

A quick word on this next picture. This light will tailstand, but if it's not on a sturdy surface it can easily be knocked over. It works fine as long as you don't bump the light.

XP-E R2 emitter:

This light can be purchased directly from 4Sevens website by clicking here. 4Sevens also offers a stainless steel version of this light. If you're interested in that model, click here.

Here are some size comparison pics of the ReVO with common household items (and some not so common items ; I couldn't help it) :

Quark 123-2, Quark Mini 123, Preon ReVO and CR123:

Duracell AAA Alkaline:

Nitecore EZAA:

Ink pen:

Dental Floss :

Regular sized BIC Lighter:

Small BIC Lighter:

Can Tab:

.22 Long Rifle:

.17 HMR:

.380 Auto:

.38 Special:


And just for giggles, I thought I'd throw in a comparison with a .50 BMG ............:

White wall/Indoor beamshots:

These are .gif images. Distance from light to wall was roughly 1.5 feet, and all camera settings remained the same for all images taken.

Camera settings:

Shutter - 1/13th sec
Aperture - f3.5
ISO - 100
White Balance - Daylight

I've taken some comparison beamshots of the Preon ReVO, and a Mini 123. The ReVO on High really is no comparison to the Mini on high, but it's not supposed to be, and the only reason why I'm comparing both of them on high is to give Mini 123 owners an idea of the beam profile and brightness of the ReVO. All settings remained the same unless otherwise noted, and distance from the pine tree to each light is roughly 20ft. Also keep in mind that these images are over exposed some. It's almost impossible to capture an image of what my eyes see because all I get is a visible hotspot without capturing the spill. So basically, I had to do this so you could compare the entire beam profile and not just the hotspot.

Camera Settings:

Shutter - 1 sec
Aperture - f3.5
ISO - 200
White Balance - Daylight

The next three images are .gif comparisons of the beamshots:

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По умолчанию Re: 4Sevens Preon ReVO Review with OTF Lumens, 140 Minute Runtime and Beamshots

Как всегда отличная работа!
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По умолчанию Re: 4Sevens Preon ReVO Review with OTF Lumens, 140 Minute Runtime and Beamshots

.50 BMG looks scary :)
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По умолчанию Re: 4Sevens Preon ReVO Review with OTF Lumens, 140 Minute Runtime and Beamshots

Thanks for the complements guys; I appreciate it

Pressure from the .50 BMG's muzzle brake does this

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