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Rolleye11 Fenix HL10 Ultra-compact AAA headlamp- Review


I am reviewing the mini headlamp Fenix HL10 in its updated/redesigned 2016 version.
The original HL10 was released about 3 years ago. The new version features the really interesting advantage of a built-in diffuser.

The review sample was kindly provided by GearBest for test and review!
Link to the provider of this review sample GearBest-
Fenix HL10 flashlight: http://goo.gl/mRk67o
8% off Coupon code: GBLED2016

Fenix HL10 is a small AAA battery powered headlamp. It can be easily used as a small EDC light,
which may be very useful,as there are not many AAA flashlights with a side/ right-angle beam.

The HL10 is respectable small and still quite comfortable in hand.Not to mention its high versatility.
The only downside-it does not come with a pocket clip. Yet,there is a hole for a lanyard on the tail cap.
It can be carried on a keychain,as well.

Size comparison- AAA battery,Fenix HL10,ThruNite Ti,Bronte BT01

This is an animation of the clear/diffused plastic cover of the reflector,in action!
It is quick and easy to switch between more focused and diffused beam.
The plastic cover is placed over two O-rings,which make the movement smooth and seal the element.

-Utilizes Philips LXZ2-5770 LED (cool white,very close to neutral white with great color rendition)
-Powered by one NiMH or Alkaline AAA battery(not compatible with 10440)
-Length: 2.8” (70mm)
Battery tube: 12mm
Head diameter:15.5mm

-33grams (including headband,excluding battery)
-Rotating optical lens for flexible adjustment of spotlight and floodlight(a plastic tube around the LED zone,
which has a smooth and slightly diffused areas allowing you to switch between normal spot beam and slightly diffused beam,by just twisting the ring
-180 degree vertical angle tilting possible
-Tail-standing (with the headband removed)
-Digitally regulated output mains constant brightness
-Reverse polarity protection,to protect from improper battery installation
-Made of durable aircraft grade aluminum

Technical data from the HL10's instruction sheet.

Read the full Instruction Sheet on different languages here-

This is the packaging and what you get in the box.
Plastic box. Alkaline AAA battery is included.
A small key ring and spare O-ring are also included in the set.

The headband is 16mm wide. A little less elastic than expected. Its length seems sufficient to fit most heads,yet I can't guarantee it in 100%.
Headlamp weight is not a concern,at all. The lamp is good for dynamic activities like running.
The holder is made of strong plastic. Its form allows the HL10 position to be adjusted to the required vertical angle(adjusting the beam direction).
My only concern is that the holder is maybe a little too hard and taking the flashlight out or inserting it in,takes me much more effort than needed.
So,if I can change/improve something,I will make the holder a little different.

In my medium size hand with thin fingers.

User Interface
It is quite convenient-3 modes Low(4Lm) -Mid(30Lm)-High(70Lm)
Press and hold the momentary switch for a second to turn On/Off the light
Press briefly to change the mode.
There is an instant mode memory.

Runtimes according to manufacturer's testings:
High - Mid - Low
Alkaline 40 min - 2h 30min - 24h
Ni-MH 1h - 3h 10min - 26h

Below is a run/time test on High mode.
Battery used in the test: rechargeable Duracell NiMH 750mAh.
As you can see from the graph,I measured higher max output of the HL10,than the manufacturers data.
(My measuring setup is not professionally calibrated,so the provided by me lumen data may differ from actual laboratory tests.)

Excellent regulation from the boost circuit. Constant light for 42,5 minutes.
Then the battery is empty and should be replaced/recharged. The HL10 gives you about 20 minutes with a lower output to do the needed tasks.
Battery voltage after the test= 0.9V
Performance of the Fenix HL10 is impressive,having in mind its price tag.

When the light is turned Off,the HL10 is in StandBy mode. This keeps the electronics of the driver powered,consuming 12microAmp current from the battery.
If you plan to store the flashlight for very long time,it is recommended to take out the battery to prevent its discharging.
You can also unscrew the tailcap a little to disconnect the power going to the driver.

The switch is of momentary On type. Does not lock On position.
It is small but protrude enough for comfortable operation. I found no any problem to use it.

A close up picture of the Philips LXZ2-5770 LED and its shallow reflector.
The Philips LED has slightly different board shape,which requires a little modification to the reflector.
This is a flood beam light,so the pattern is not affected.

A close up look at the diffused surface.

The back of the HL10. There are markings indicating Focused and Diffused beam position of the rotating ring/tube.

As expected,all threads are on the needed high level. Well machined and anodized.
You can see also the bottom of the tail-cap. It does not feature tail-cap magnet.
It seems easy to stick one on the bottom,though.:sssh:

Alkaline and NiMH batteries fit well in the battery tube.

The light from the Philips LED is warmer white than all other lights that I used for comparison.I will call it Neutral white.It may be just better Cool white than the others,anyway... Color rendition is pretty good,natural.
The beam appears floody hotspot with good wide spill,thanks to the shallow reflector.
As you can see from the pictures,beam profile with the diffuser on is more floody.It is not drastically different,but still this is a nice option to have.
The spill gets a little more light and the angle of the beam is increased slightly.

1 meter

3 meters

Fenix HL10 is one of the lights that are pleasure to use. Build quality is quite good. Handling and operating the flashlight is well thought out.
I was very enthusiastic to test this small headlamp out and it does not disappointed me,at all.
Very functional and versatile light. Great as a headlamp,great as a small EDC pocket light. Can be carried even on a keychain or on the neck.
Maybe the diffused surface could be a little less transparent for more floody beam,but surely this will lead to brightness loss.
So,maybe this is the compromise Fenix's designers came to when constructing this flashlight.
A pocket clip could make the HL10 one of the best AAA EDC lights.
Almost any of the latest flashlights,no matter the manufacturer comes with the press and hold the switch to turn On/Off the light way of operating,which works great as an anti-accidental activation protection,but this slows the the operation significantly. If you like to switch the light On/Off frequently and quickly,using it for short periods of time,you may need to look for another flashlight with a physical clicky switch or just with conventional UI.
If you are already used to the press/hold UI operation,the Fenix HL10 is a great choice for every day carrying light/very compact headlamp.

These are my impressions and tests,so far. If I find anything more about the HL10,I will update the review.
Thanks for reading!
Thanks to GearBest for providing the HL10 for test and review!
Visit my Blog............ My Pictures on Flickr
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По умолчанию Re: Fenix HL10 Ultra-compact AAA headlamp- Review

Not a bad update of the flashlight. Especially liked the ability to quickly disable scattered and directed light. I have such a flashlight
In Fino verytas

[Исправлено: vorsmann, 29.01.2018 в 20:15]
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