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По умолчанию 4sevens Preon 2 High CRI XP-G Review

Hey everyone! Here's my review of a Preon 2 High CRI XP-G. This light was sent to me by 4sevens for review purposes.

Here are the specifications for this light (taken from the 4sevens website)-

NOTE: "The specifications below are for the original Preon 2. The high CRI outputs will be slightly less.


LED: Cree XP-G High CRI (85+)
Max Output: 150 OTF lumens
Material: Hard-anodized Aricraft-grade Aluminum
Lens: Optical-grade glass lens with anti-reflective coating on both siedes
Water resistance: IPX-8
Battery: Two AAA, included (see voltage range to select acceptable batteries for this light)
Operating Voltage Range: 0.9V-3.0V
Seven Output Modes:

Low: 2.0 OTF Lumens, 23 hours
Medium: 18 OTF Lumens, 6 hours
High: 150 OTF Lumens, 0.8 hours
Strobe, 1.6 hours
S.O.S., 4.8 hours
Beacon (Hi), 8 hours
Beacon (Lo), 40 hours


Length: 5.05 inches
Diameter: 0.55 inches
Weight: 0.8 ounces

Included Accessories:

Removable clip
Ring for keychain attachment


Operating your Preon 2 is simple. Make sure its batteries are inserted with the positive side (+) toward the head. Ensure the tailcap is tightened. To turn the Preon on, tighten the bezel (the 'head' of the light) fully down and click the tailcap 'on'.

Selecting Regular Outputs
To select a different level of constant output, click the Preon off and then on again within 1 second (you can also "soft press" - see description at end). This will select the next level of constant output in the following sequence:
Low -> Medium -> High
If the Preon is turned off for 2 seconds or longer, it will revert back to low.

Selecting Special Outputs
The Preon has 4 special output modes: Strobe, S.O.S., Beacon (Hi), and Beacon (Lo). To access these modes, quickly switch through two full 'cycles' of the regular outputs, starting with Low. These two full cycles must be completed within 3 seconds:
Low -> Medium -> High -> Low -> Medium -> High -> Special Outputs
You can continue to cycle through the special outputs in the following sequence:
Strobe -> S.O.S. -> Beacon (high) -> Beacon (low)
After Beacon (Lo) mode, the output reverts back to Regular Low. Both Beacon modes with first flash 5 times and then once every 10 seconds.

Soft Press:
A soft press is just as it sounds - a soft press on the tailcap to momentarily turn the Preon 2 off. You won't need to "click" it fully off; you can simply soft press and release and the Preon 2 will change modes. This allows you to rapidly switch to the mode you want.

Here are some images of this light. Most of you are familiar with this light, but for those who are not:

Green Packaging:

Here I'll use an image that I already have to show the difference in color of the phosphor coating on the warmer tinted high CRI XP-G lights. These are Quark lights, but the High CRI XP-G is the same emitter that's in the Preon 2 High CRI, so it’s comparable. The High CRI XP-G 123 Quark is on the far right, the neutral white is in the center and the cool white is on the far left.

Now for my out the front (OTF) lumen results for this light. For those of you who aren't aware, I have my own calibrated homemade integrating sphere (I have two, actually) for measuring lumen output of different lights. My sphere's have been calibrated using lights that were measured in a professional lab sphere, so my lumen results are very accurate. However, due to common variables such as temperature differences, battery charge state differences, and even differences within the components used within each and every light, you should only use my results as an example of what one sample outputs in OTF lumens. If you purchase one of these lights I'm sure the output would be similar, provided all variables are similar, but your light may not produce exactly the same output as this sample. The output could be less, the output could be more, it just depends.

That's out of the way, so now onto the charts:

The first graph shows runtime using the supplied Duracell alkaline AAA batteries:

The next graph is actually a Preon 2 NW XP-G R4 light on Energizer Ultimate Lithium AAA's. This light was sent to me for review as well, and I've already tested it with both alkaline cells and lithium primaries, so I didn't see the need to spend time testing the high CRI Preon 2 with lithium primaries, since the runtime should be very comparable between the two:

And now it's time for some comparison beam shots. CRI stands for 'color rendering index', and the purpose of a light source with a higher CRI level is so the user can distinguish colors better, however, tint color of the light source also plays a role in how certain colors appear to the human eye, so when comparing different sources against one another to try and determine which source provides better color rendering, it's really only fair to compare light sources of the same temperature/tint. So that's what I have done, however, I did take images of other tinted lights that I'll include in this thread. I'll post small images of the beam shots below. You can click on these images to view full size and to open multiple images to compare side by side.

I have also created some .gif's to ease the comparison process for the warmer tinted lights, and those will be posted in full size below the following clickable thumbnail images.

Please not that these images were taken using Quark lights and not Preon lights. I don't have enough lights with varying tints that will directly compare with the Preon 2, so I felt like using these images would be best.

I'd also like to note that the white balance was set to Daylight for all images below and was not changed from image to image:

Morning Sunlight:

Quark High CRI XP-G:

Quark Limited Warm XP-G:

Quark XP-E NW Limited Run, Tint = 5A or 5B:

Quark XP-G NW Custom, Tint = 3A or 3C (I swapped emitter in this light, so it's a custom):

Quark XP-G NW (this is the most recent NW run and tint binning is not specified by 4sevens):

Quark XP-G S2 Cool White Version:

Now for full sized .gif's comparing the warmer tinted sources to themselves:

Morning Sunlight vs Quark High CRI XP-G:

Morning Sunlight vs Quark Warm Limited Run XP-G:

Quark High CRI XP-G vs Quark Warm Limited Run XP-G:

So I’ve presented the data for you, now it's up to you to make up your mind :thumbsup:.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my review, and hopefully it was helpful.
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