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Старый 04.06.2012, 23:54 Автор темы   1
Аватар для run4jc
Регистрация: 04.06.2012
Последняя активность: 03.08.2012 01:53
Адрес: Vienna, Virginia - Near Washington DC, USA
Сообщений: 27
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По умолчанию UPDATED Elzetta ZFL M60 Mini Review - RUN TIMES ADDED

Call me crazy. Most of my flashlight purchases in the past few months have been based upon buying something that will provide light in the worst possible conditions. Surely the debate could rage on for years about which light is the most robust – and my feeling is that most all the arguments would have great merit. McGizmo, Mac, HDS, Surefire, on and on – great lights, built well. I’ve enjoyed abusing a few lights just for fun and found that even some low-end lights hold up well.

My Haikus remain my absolute favorites.

Still, when Policescannerman gives his blessing to a light, I have to take notice. Then my subsequent purchase of a Bravo Company rifle urged me to shop for a weapon light. Put 2 and 2 together and I decided on the Elzetta ZFL M60 with hi/strobe and crenelated bezel, along with a Zorn rail mount.

It came, I was blown away, and decided that it would be good to have another with ‘high/low’ settings for dog walking duty. Ordered a ZFL M60 with hi/lo and low profile bezel.

Packaging is simple – easy to open blister packs that you don’t have to destroy in order to remove the lights.

Decent instructions included – also a couple of beefy o-rings to use in the event you mount the light in a weapon mount.

Lights are shipped with 2 Battery Station primaries. I went with the 2 cell versions – the Malkoff module is rated up to 9V so I will be using 2 AW RCRs in my every day dog walking light, but will keep the Battery Station primaries in the weapon light.

As others have mentioned, the anodizing is top rate –

The walls of the light are thick, yet the light isn’t overly heavy – you feel as though you are carrying a “real tool”.

Threads are beefy and come well lubricated. I added a bit of Krytox to the tail threads and that immediately improved the ease of switching. With a bit of time and break in, I believe one handed operation will be super easy.

Excuse the lint!

My only cause for pause was the clicky. I have been spoiled my McGizmo McClicky switches, and this one is a bit mushy by comparison, but the boot is thick and beefy and the click functions perfectly every time. Elzetta offers a twist only switch – the switches I chose are intuitive and easy – click on / off – twist ever so slightly for mode change.

Incidentally, out on the end of my AR, it is VERY easy to operate the light with my left thumb.

Looks cool, doesn’t it?

Would you want to be staring at these two "business ends?"

Crenelations on the bezel are wicked looking. This thing would definitely slow down the poor soul who was hit with it.

The low profile bezel is just that – low profile, and nice looking.

Since the M60 module is sealed, the bezel requires no lens. There is a nice, beefy o ring between the Malkoff and the bezel to help with seal and, my guess, shock absorbing.

Speaking of the Malkoff, these M60s are purportedly using XRE emitters. I still love the tint of that emitter, and although the beam won’t win any awards with white wall hunters, this beam through the TIR optics gives a great what I call “Batman Signal” spot. Just enough spill to light your peripheral, but most of the light is obviously concentrated in the spot. I’ve ordered a couple of M61s – 1 regular and 1 High CRI – and look forward to trying those out in this light (and yes, I ordered the lens kits also.)

The Malkoff Drop Ins are well known around CPF, but if you have any questions here are a couple of informational links:

CPF Run Time Test (this is an almost 4 year old test - scout24 is conducing a new test the 'low' setting and will post the results when ready - I plan to add an updated run time on 'high' later today)
CPF Review from 2008
Manufacturers web site (Malkoff)

These drop ins are still available at the Elzetta site as well as at Oveready and perhaps other online retailers.

It’s too cold in the DC area to do beam shots (sorry – not so much for my tolerance for the cold, but more for my camera), but I will share a couple of 'beige wall' shots. I do not have an LED Surefire to compare to, but I will compare to a well-known light – the Haiku…(Elzetta left - Haiku right)

Finally, for those of you who would like a point of reference regarding the size of the lights, in this next photo you can see, left to right, the ZFL M60 CS2S, McGizmo Haiku, McGizmo High CRI Mule on 2x123 McClicky Pak, and ZFL M60 LS2D

Torture tests? Are you kidding? I ain’t gonna beat my pretty lights up after others have disassembled a light under water, and re-assembled it – and it kept working; they’ve hammered nails with one; on YouTube there are many videos, most enjoyable being one where a guy shoots his with a 12 gauge, throws into metal plating, and just beats the you-know-what out of it until it finally gives up from a point blank 12 gauge blast. BTW, the Surefire gave up about halfway into the abuse. I’m not picking on the Surefire – it held up remarkably well – these tests were over the top.

If you visit Elzetta's web site, there are links to MANY such torture tests. I don't believe the forum rules allow me to link to their site, but it's pretty easy to figure out...

I'm not a law enforcement officer, nor am I military (and God bless all who serve in those noble services), but these days my purchases are often guided by the thought of "will it hold up under the worst case scenario?" "Do I need backup?"

That's just me. For those of you who don't think the Elzetta is your 'thing', no worries! That's the beauty of being able to make your own choices.

But if you are looking for an ultra rugged duty light, or a SHTF light, or just enjoy owning simple, rugged, reliable lighting tools, I humbly suggest that one of the variants of the Elzetta brand be on your short shopping list!
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dead_skif (05.06.2012)
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Старый 04.06.2012, 23:55 Автор темы   2
Аватар для run4jc
Регистрация: 04.06.2012
Последняя активность: 03.08.2012 01:53
Адрес: Vienna, Virginia - Near Washington DC, USA
Сообщений: 27
Сказал(а) спасибо: 0
Поблагодарили: 19 раз(а) в 10 сообщениях

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По умолчанию Re: UPDATED Elzetta ZFL M60 Mini Review - RUN TIMES ADDED

NEW TEST - run time. Inspired by Scout24's test of run time on low, I decided to sacrifice the Battery Station primaries that came with the light for a high level run time test. Other tests have been done (and referenced in the first post), but this is an 'updated, unscientific' test. So armed with my trusty infrared thermometer and home made integrated sphere, began the test. Incidentally, the Battery Station primaries may have had 5 minutes run time on them already.

Before testing, I measured .765 amps at the tail. The following chart provides the result of the test. Left to right on the columns: Elapsed time, temperature at the head, lumen output, temperature at the tail, and any comments.

When 130 minutes (2 hours, 10 minutes), I retested the amps at the tail - .13 - batteries were at 1.62 and 2.08 volts. Interestingly, after allowing the light to cool down for a couple of minutes, the light powered up at around 77 lumen. And a very nice, usable 4-5 lumen on low.

So now that same light is on again in the low setting - waiting to see just how long it will run on low - and I'll report that back later! For now, please check out the results of the test. Bottom line, I love these lights more each day, and although I had respect for the Malkoff drop ins already, that respect is even higher now!

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Старый 05.05.2018, 16:10   3
Аватар для desert.snake
Регистрация: 20.05.2017
Последняя активность: 22.05.2019 15:24
Адрес: samara?
Сообщений: 342
Сказал(а) спасибо: 0
Поблагодарили: 163 раз(а) в 84 сообщениях

По умолчанию Re: UPDATED Elzetta ZFL M60 Mini Review - RUN TIMES ADDED

хороший обзор
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